Three Questions To Ask When Buying A Home


The process of home buying for veterans from Colorado Spring, CO,  to out across the country varies depending on local laws. What doesn’t change, however, is the difference between a good quality home and a not-so-good quality home. Here are a few questions to ask your realtor while you’re visiting a home for sale.


What Is The Property Worth/ How Much Have Comparable Homes In This Neighborhood Sold For?


For ethical reasons, a realtor cannot give their opinion on the cost of a home. In most cases, however, a realtor has a good sense of the market and can tell you whether the home is being sold for a price that is reasonable against other recent sales. Comparable sales can be a key determinant in purchasing a home and should give you a good sense of whether or not you’re receiving a deal. The realtor can also tell you how long a home has been on the market, new listings can have higher asking prices than homes that have been waiting to be sold for a while but may also be more in line with their effective property value.


How Flexible Is The Seller On Their Asking Price?


Rather than making a lowball offer that a seller will reject, asking the flexibility question allows you to get a good sense of how much lower you can reasonably expect to go. If a seller isn’t very flexible, time on the market may change that. If a seller is more flexible, a realtor can help you determine what a good offer might be. Flexibility is one of the first questions you should ask if you’re considering making an offer.


What’s Wrong With This House?


If the house has been previously inspected, ask to see a copy of the report. In most cases, there are at least one or two problems with a home listed, they may not be something expensive to fix, but you should still know what they are before making an offer. If a seller claims that there are no issues with the house, you should have it inspected just to be sure.


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