About the Author

In the next 4 years, 1 million veterans will be discharged, transitioning into civilian life. Do you know what you would do if you suddenly found yourself home after being away for years?

When Marine Veteran Joe Gaul returned from his tour of duty in Vietnam, he was lost. He struggled through a job at the post office. He labored at construction sites. He went through a year of college, but with no help or guidance, he soon dropped out. Something wasn’t right for this returning vet.

At a friend’s suggestion, and with few other options, Joe decided to take the Real Estate License Exam. He passed and started down the path that would be his career for the next 30 years. Joe built his Real Estate Legacy, beginning as a sales agent, selling homes in Northeastern Philadelphia, eventually growing to become the first broker-owner of Re/Max in Pennsylvania. In 1990, Joe sold the business and started a regional real estate appraisal company. He has excelled in nearly every position in real estate. He was an expert before the industry had experts! However, this Service Disabled Vet didn’t want to stop there. He wanted to reach out and help other veterans who were experiencing the same headaches and heartaches he had experienced.

In 2012, Joe began writing this book with the intention of sharing his extensive Real Estate knowledge with his fellow veterans. He wanted to give veterans the power to not only purchase their own home, but to educate them on how to achieve passive income through owning rental properties and building a rental portfolio.

This book, written with returning veterans in mind, is a comprehensive guide to the various mortgage programs available to them that many are not even aware of! Joe also details the ins and outs of home ownership and the steps to becoming a landlord. Now, thousands of Joe’s fellow veterans can secure home ownership with minimal cash outlay and have the opportunity to achieve the “American Dream”- home ownership!  Over  300,000  Veterans yearly  use VA financing , with loans guaranteed by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The average loan is $225,000.

Joe was born in Philadelphia and currently splits his time between homes in Pennsylvania and Florida.

Joe was also recently featured on the Phil Hulett and Friends Program in LA to discuss his book.