5 Cities Where You Can Still Buy A Home For Cheap

In the recently revised edition of A Real Estate Guide for Veterans, Joseph W. Gaul details the specifics of transitioning into home ownership, as you transition into civilian life. Of course, owning a home is different all around the country. The process of finding your first house can take you to interesting places. Deciding where you want to settle down is the first part of finding your next home.


Here are 5 cities where you can still buy a home for cheap.


  1. Atlanta- Home to both Martin Luther King Jr. and Jimmy Carter, Atlanta still boasts low property prices and an average mortgage interest rate of 4.09%. If you’re a fan of warm weather, purchasing a home in Atlanta is extremely cost-effective with a median home price of less than $160,000. Atlanta holds the third largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies in the U.S. and features companies like AT&T and Delta Air Lines.
  2. Cleveland- Home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with the creators of Superman, Cleveland is one of the most affordable places to purchase a home in America. The city is home to The Cleveland Clinic, a number of University Hospitals anda large amount ofgovernment jobs. With 30-year mortgage interest rates of 4.05% and median home prices just above $120,00, Cleveland is a compelling argument to settle down in Ohio.
  3. Tampa- Home to two major sports teams and warm weather year-round, Tampa is another place to find a house with low property prices. Citigroup, Publix SuperMarketsand Verizon Communications are all major companies in the city that employ thousands of residents. The metropolitan area has a median home price of $160,000 and an average 30-year mortgage interest rate of 4.13%.
  4. Houston- Beyonce’s hometown, Houston is one of the leading places in the U.S. to start a family. The city possesses the second largest concentration of Fortune 500 companies (behind only New York) in America and is the number one city for job creation in the country. With 30-year mortgage interest rates of 4.09% and median home prices just below $200,000, Houston is a good reason to make thelonestarstate your new home.
  5. Philadelphia- The Birthplace of Liberty is one of the largest metropolitan hubs in the country. Philadelphia’s major employers include University of Pennsylvania, Comcast, US Airways and Temple University. With a 30-year mortgage interest rate of 4.14% and a median home price below $215,000, Philly is one of the best places in the country to start a family.


Of course, if you want to know more about the housing market, and gain insightful tips into buying your first home, check out A Real Estate Guide for Veterans.

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